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The Love of Poetry In Motion.

Nobody likes having to pretend to be something their not, especially around the people who supposedly love them the most, but for Samantha McAlister pretending was everyday life.
When Samantha found herself in the company of some unexpected friends, ones that her old friends might not approve of, shes faced with a difficult decision. Be true to herself and who she wants to be and be shunned by her old friends, or follow the crowd and lose this new fascinating and beautiful world of poetry, the feeling of sanity, and the boy of her dreams forever.
I loved this book, it was fun, and different! Tamara Stone shed a light on what its like to live, and hide Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like no one else. Showing us that something you’ve gotta just be true to yourself and show the world who you are no flaws and all, and trust that the people that matter and the ones that will stick by you through all the hard stuff!

Leeannalyn Marie

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The Fandom Never Dies

Welcome back friend and fellow book lovers. Now let me be 100% honest when i say I was super reluctant when I got this book. I’ve only read one other book by Rainbow Rowell and I have to be honest in saying that it really wasnt one of my favorites. That being said when I saw Fangirl I was intrigued and torn. This book speaks to my soul on a deeper level than my love of books because my inner fangirl is strong. Between the books I read and the shows i want the fandom life is strong with this one.

I can defiantly say that I relate to this book and a deep level. Cather really is my spirit animal, from her want to take care of her family to her love of a “fictional world” to her awkward and cringe worthy experiences with the opposite sex, and school life. College can be a strange and scary place for everyone, especially when you’re living in a dorm with people you’ve never met before.

Fangirl really illistrats the struggles of growing up and experiencing the real world outside of your own computer screen. It beautifully illistrates the horrible feelings of being awkward and shy and painfully new to the dating game.

Rainbow Rowell Truly hit it out of the park with this one, from one fangirl to fangirls everywhere, life love and friendship are really shown well in this one. For sure a must read!!!

What did you think? Did you like it? Whatever you felt about this book be sure to let me know. and Come back in a few days when i reveal with May’s book of the month is!! thanks guys!


Leeannalyn Maire

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It has to be done

Welcome guys!!! Its time to discuss on of my favorite things to discuss… The Walking Dead.  This post is going to be short and sweet. Beware there are Spoilers ahead!


When we left our friends last week Rick and Michone had found guns on their sex-cation. This week the happy warm fuzzies were gone. It was a Kingdom episode, and you know what that means,  JERRY!!! I love his character so much. I personally cannot help it. This episode was particularly tough for me because I don’t like seeing people pick on my favorite character. So when he got hit in the face i wanted him to start poppin caps.

The Big thing with this episode was Morgan and Carol’s dynamic. He’s been very big brother to her this whole season, (which I find so endearing) so when carol hurts you see it hurts him too. Carol knows Daryl wasn’t honest about what happened at Alexandria, but she needs to hear it. At first Morgan won’t tell her, he stands behind Daryls decission to protect her, but after watching “the kid” get shot Morgan loses his shit again. By killing Richard you see that He’s accepting that theres a place for everything in this new world. Even killing. He knew by protecting Carol from the loss of Glenn and Abraham he was keeping the kingdom out of the Battle, But now that Carol knows its game on.

Now you know my thoughts of this weeks epoisode feel free to tell me yours.

-Leeannalyn Marie


Everyone Has a Reason To Fear a Boy With a Gun



I can honestly say that when it comes to books I’ve fallen pray to the thought that “size matters”, the thought that a truly great book needs to come in this big thick book. So when it comes to “This is where it ends”, I didn’t even begin to prepare for what was to come. I truly underestimated it on so many levels.  To say this book was intense really was an understatement of the century. The meat of the story is told from the perspectives of 4 different students in various parts of the same high school during a School shooting, all with some connection to the shooter. Blog feed litters the pages between chapters giving us a glimps of the world around our 4 main Characters as the world process what is it to have friends and family trappped in a very dangerous and the panic and helplessness one can feel. This book brings to light the thoughts and feeling that cross ones mind when they are faced with the difficult decision, Sit safely on the sideline or, Step up and be the hero… even if its going to cost you your life.

Marieke Nijkamp hit it out of the park on this one. Her grasp of the characters feelings during this massive tragedy make this book an excellent and compelling read from start to finish. This is where it ends is a must read for any and all students and teachers, showing everyone that no matter how big or small, good or bad, our actions really do make a difference in someones life. Everyone has their reasons, what are yours?

–Leeannalyn Marie



I’m so excited to announce the book of the month has been selected. 

This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp is the book of the month for March, written from the perspective of 4 people during a school shooting, it promises to leave you feeling all the feels. I cannot wait to dig deeper into this book this month! 

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So sorry for the long hiatus, I took some time away to figure out what I wanted to do, with the blog, home, and life. Never fear my friends, I’m back, and it’s better than ever. This post isn’t going to be to long, just an over view what to expect! I’ve got lots of feels to process about walking dead, and of course I will do it here for all to see, along with that We will also be discussing how the shits hitting the fan in Marvel: Agents of Shield.

I recently joined the oily universe, so at least once a week I will be talking about my oily journey here too, what I’m using, what I like, what I don’t like.
This Saturday will be my first official performance with The Nature Coast Community Band, I’m so excited and can’t wait! If you are in Citus County ( or neighboring countries) Come check us out on Saturday at Citrus Springs Community Center at 2:30 or Cornerstone Baptist Church on Sunday 2:30 pm. It will be a great performance, join us to find out.
I have not picked a book yet for March but will hopefully pick it soon. So stay tuned my friends and stay nerdy!!
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The Walking Dead Season Premier… the Feels…

Ok so here we are another summer has come and gone without the weekly dose of The Walking Dead, all leading up to tonight. We learned who felt the wrath of Lucille tonight and let me tell  you as much as I suspected and speculated and guessed…


So here’s your warning before I get down to the gory Nitty Gritty with all the feels and emotions, SPOILERS AHEAD. All the spoilers.

OK so if you’re still with me you’ve seen the season premier of The Walking Dead, and you are now as dead inside as I am. First off I was quite shocked they actually show us what went down with Negan, I was sure they were going to cut to Carol’s story or a Negan back story.
So the lose of Abraham was bad, BUT I cannot say I wasn’t expecting it, He bowed up to Negan, it was very obviously a good decision on Negans spot. My heart hurt so hard when Daryl hit Negan I honestly thought we’d lost Daryl…
I’m not going to lie, I was in tears when Negan turned around and nailed Glen, and Lost my shit when Glen told Maggie that He’d find her. We saw a side of the whole group we aren’t used to seeing. They are all quit litterally broken. Negan has Broken them… Well All but Maggie. I have so much respect for Maggie right now. It takes a strong women to stand up in pain and the hell she’s gone through and think ” We must fight him” I am very glad that Carl hasn’t lost his arm, but as I know he doesn’t have it in the comics, I’m not holding out hope. Although the difference in the Comics and the Show is there. Negan took Daryl, what are they going to do with him now. If i were Negan I would be very caution of having Daryl in my camp, just killed Glen infront of Daryl kind of because of Daryl. I think he’s out for vengeance.

Negan is very deffinatly not my favorite person right now and I’m sorry this review is not more coharent or review-like. I’m still trying to gather my feels off the floor. So for tonight I think this is all i have to say… Be prepared guys this season is going to be very INTENSE. This is deffinatly not over. Good Night my Fellow Walking Dead Fans. Fare Well Glen my friend YOU WILL BE MISSED.

Leeannalyn Marie

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Aaaannnnddd We’re Back!

Welcome back fellow Bow Tie Lovers and Coffee fans,

I now its been quit some time since I’ve been here to this spot, but I am now ready to share with you all the new things that are about to happen with the blog, with me, and the wonderful world of  nerds alike!!!

I am going to be trying a new format for my blog/site, I’m going to try to use Word Press as my host site for the offical Bowties and Coffee Blog and see how that works. As we round the corner to into fall i’m going to start up the Bowties and Coffee Weekly DVR rewind again so if there is a show one of you lovelies want to see on the rewind comment below or email me. I’m also looking at doing a Vlog on basic nerdom as well,

I have also picked the book of the month, which provided I can find my copy, is The Six of Crows, I know i pick it this past summer but with getting sick and complications of life i haven’t been able to complete it. Along with The Six of Crows, I am also reading a book with a group of ladies from my Church so Lots of literary Fun this month. Be sure to watch my Instagram and twitter to see my feelings on Both books through out the month.

On the personal side of things, I’m in  ankle deep in wedding planning right now trying to compile a list of atleast 3 venues to go see, Once that gets done I will feel much better, I started a new church and mom’s group this past week that i’m feeling really good about so I’m sure you will be seeing more of that as well as a possible weekly “my journey with God” update, I’m not sure yet though, but i’ll keep you I’m working on getting my Volunteer Certification with the School board to work with the Middle and High school bands as well. GO BAND!!!  If you like band and music in General Watch for more videos and Fun on SnapChat and Instagram.

Thats all for now here thanks for making me part of your week, check out the links to follow me on social media and let me know what you think about anything and everything in the comments or personal messages! Later guys

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