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So Long 2017, Good Bye and Good Riddance Welcome 2018!!

Hello Friends, and Happy Holidays! Hope you guys all had a safe and Happy Holiday! Its been a long time I know, between Death, and Sickness we’ve had some hard times with the last few months of 2017.That being said we’ve got some Great things in store for you guys! As I continue to work towards my music education degree my clarinet and I have become rather deeply connected. We’ve started back up Book of the Month, I’ll post a monthly Clarinet post, and theres lots of good Netflix and fandom stuff that should be soon to come as well. So stick around guys because 2018 is going to be our year. Check back this week for my Long awaited review of The Hemingway files, and the Announcement of the Book of the month!

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New Site update.

This past month has been hell on wheels -_- ¬†But with that being said, i’m finally getting back on track with the website. So as of tonight it is now officially up to date!! So go check it out and as always let me know what you think! I’m also thinking of starting an Election 2016 tab on the site which will track the candidates and have the facts about their platforms. It might also have opinion pieces on various debates, but I’m not sure yet so email me at Leeannaly.Marie@bowtiesandcoffee.com or leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Its been a long day so I’m out for the night don’t forget to Follow me on Instagram and Twitter¬†@Leeannalynmarie .
Later guys

Leeannalyn Marie