Everyone Has a Reason To Fear a Boy With a Gun



I can honestly say that when it comes to books I’ve fallen pray to the thought that “size matters”, the thought that a truly great book needs to come in this big thick book. So when it comes to “This is where it ends”, I didn’t even begin to prepare for what was to come. I truly underestimated it on so many levels.  To say this book was intense really was an understatement of the century. The meat of the story is told from the perspectives of 4 different students in various parts of the same high school during a School shooting, all with some connection to the shooter. Blog feed litters the pages between chapters giving us a glimps of the world around our 4 main Characters as the world process what is it to have friends and family trappped in a very dangerous and the panic and helplessness one can feel. This book brings to light the thoughts and feeling that cross ones mind when they are faced with the difficult decision, Sit safely on the sideline or, Step up and be the hero… even if its going to cost you your life.

Marieke Nijkamp hit it out of the park on this one. Her grasp of the characters feelings during this massive tragedy make this book an excellent and compelling read from start to finish. This is where it ends is a must read for any and all students and teachers, showing everyone that no matter how big or small, good or bad, our actions really do make a difference in someones life. Everyone has their reasons, what are yours?

–Leeannalyn Marie



I’m so excited to announce the book of the month has been selected. 

This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp is the book of the month for March, written from the perspective of 4 people during a school shooting, it promises to leave you feeling all the feels. I cannot wait to dig deeper into this book this month! 


Help me make Bowties and Coffee Productions a real thing!

Hey guys Ive started a go fund me campaign to raise the money to get Bowties and Coffee Productions up and running. Its been my dream for aome time now to be a film producer. Ive got s few films in the works all set and ready as soon as the company is up and running. Please go check out my Go Fund Me page and Donate what you can to help the cause!! Thank You so much for all you guys as my readers do!  https://twitter.com/LeeannalynMarie/status/717558654157922304?s=09


Now that things have calmed down at home a bit, I am going to finish the first edit of Salt of the Earth, and possibly try to write 10 pages a night on the zombie/vampire thing i’m working on. I’m super excited about this month guys it means big things!!!



So it’s been a very very drama filled busy month, and unfortunately I have been unable to so much of anything for the site , but I’m back and ready to wprk. I’m currently rereading the book for February with has turned into the book for March so we can give It proper time! So without further aude the March book of the month is The Undead Key by K.R. Connor!   Stay tuned guys so much to come this month. Follow me on Twitter or instagram ( both are @leeannalymarie) for pictures and updates from my escapades in new Orleans this weekend! It’s going to be awesome,  also go like our Facebook page facebook.com/bowtieandcoffee  for all the great updates.
Later guys
Leeannalyn Marie


The celebration of harry potter

The long awaites celebration of harry potter is now upon us! I was there in Orlando for opening ceremonies last night and it was a wonderful experience. There was a  beautiful tribute to Alan Rickman, some new pottermore info released including but not limited to locations and names of a few new wizarding schools! We saw the always lovely Evanna Lynch, the mustache adorned Matthew Lewis, as well as a few others, this weekend is going to be wonderful and full of fun! To keep up with everything going on follow me on Instagram and twitter @leeannalynmarie and Add me on Snapchat! Username: ginnypond https://www.snapchat.com/add/ginnypond
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Book of the month, movie night, and Personal writing.

Although its been a little late but I have decided on the book of the month and it is going to be “Looking for Alaska” by John Green and The movie this week is From Hell! So keep checking back for the Book review and next week’s movie! I am also working on a few personal writings, which is also posted my other blog Coffee, Pens, and Inkspots. So go check it out Its going to be lots of fun!