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Aaaannnnddd We’re Back!

Welcome back fellow Bow Tie Lovers and Coffee fans,

I now its been quit some time since I’ve been here to this spot, but I am now ready to share with you all the new things that are about to happen with the blog, with me, and the wonderful world of  nerds alike!!!

I am going to be trying a new format for my blog/site, I’m going to try to use Word Press as my host site for the offical Bowties and Coffee Blog and see how that works. As we round the corner to into fall i’m going to start up the Bowties and Coffee Weekly DVR rewind again so if there is a show one of you lovelies want to see on the rewind comment below or email me. I’m also looking at doing a Vlog on basic nerdom as well,

I have also picked the book of the month, which provided I can find my copy, is The Six of Crows, I know i pick it this past summer but with getting sick and complications of life i haven’t been able to complete it. Along with The Six of Crows, I am also reading a book with a group of ladies from my Church so Lots of literary Fun this month. Be sure to watch my Instagram and twitter to see my feelings on Both books through out the month.

On the personal side of things, I’m in  ankle deep in wedding planning right now trying to compile a list of atleast 3 venues to go see, Once that gets done I will feel much better, I started a new church and mom’s group this past week that i’m feeling really good about so I’m sure you will be seeing more of that as well as a possible weekly “my journey with God” update, I’m not sure yet though, but i’ll keep you I’m working on getting my Volunteer Certification with the School board to work with the Middle and High school bands as well. GO BAND!!!  If you like band and music in General Watch for more videos and Fun on SnapChat and Instagram.

Thats all for now here thanks for making me part of your week, check out the links to follow me on social media and let me know what you think about anything and everything in the comments or personal messages! Later guys

Leeannalyn marie
snapchat- @ginnypond