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The world mourns two Iconic Men, as we all die a little inside.

Here we are barely two weeks into the year 2016, and we are already in mourning. For those of you who are living under a proverbial rock and are as of yet unawares, On January 8th 2016 the music world lost one of the greatest musicians of our time Mr. David Bowie, age 69, to cancer. David Bowie was not only a wonderful musician but a beloved person as well. As I am a bit young my fondest Bowie memory is of his roll as Jared The Goblin King in the cult classic, Labyrinth. As if losing our Goblin King wasnt traumatizing enough, On December 10th the world was informed of the equally, devastating lose of Alan Rickman, age 69, to cancer.
   For those of you who, like me, grew up with the Harry Potter franchise you immediately know exactly who I’m talking about and know the complete heart break i felt. That heartbreak is not lost on just my fellow Potter heads however; Many People mourn the lose of one of the worlds greatest actors. Aside from his iconic roll as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter world, he had an outstanding career, He played all parts well beginning with the Villon in his first motion picture Die Hard, He dabbled in satire in Galaxy Quest, He pulled at our feels in Love Actually, and surprised us with his ability to sing in Sweeny Todd.
   Now honestly I can’t begin to tell you how hard this week has been for me as a person and fan girl. Personally each man represents two very different yet equally meaningful feelings and times in my life. I am truly grateful for the wonderful gifts they bestowed on the world, and will forever charish them as many will do with me. My thoughts and prayers go out to Both the Bowie and Rickman families during this tough week.
   Fans of Alan Rickman will be gathering on January 29th 2016 to say good-bye to this beloved man in Univeral Orlando with a mass vigil in the Diagon Ally section of the park. I personally plan on being there to experience the whole even first hand and to say Good-Bye to the man who brought potions to life.

Alan Rickman and David Bowie.

Leeannalyn Maire