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So Long 2017, Good Bye and Good Riddance Welcome 2018!!

Hello Friends, and Happy Holidays! Hope you guys all had a safe and Happy Holiday! Its been a long time I know, between Death, and Sickness we’ve had some hard times with the last few months of 2017.That being said we’ve got some Great things in store for you guys! As I continue to work towards my music education degree my clarinet and I have become rather deeply connected. We’ve started back up Book of the Month, I’ll post a monthly Clarinet post, and theres lots of good Netflix and fandom stuff that should be soon to come as well. So stick around guys because 2018 is going to be our year. Check back this week for my Long awaited review of The Hemingway files, and the Announcement of the Book of the month!

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Anxiety and Clarinet Lessons, and Blogging Issues.

I know I say this a lot but I never really go into detail, but this week has been crazy. I’m trying a new planner system, one that I’m making from scratch, I’m not sure about it though. I can’t seem to find a system that works for me. As someone who’s hyperactive I can’t seem to find anything that I remember to keep up with long enough to do anything for me. 

       I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the website, I want to change the whole format, but I don’t know what should be changed and kept. I’m not interested in doing the same old Blog format that everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong obviously I’m not against blogs, but I want my Website to be as original as I am. The only thing that i’ve been keeping up with is the Book part of the blog, but I need to figure out what to do with the rest. Comments thoughts, Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
       Since I’m basically a stay at home mom I am looking around for things that I can do from home to make money, Right now I’m currently Teaching Clarinet Lessons, I really think that 5 is the golden number. I’m still looking around for a few more. I love the clarinet and i think its a wonderful way for me to not only practice, but to spread my knowledge with others. 
    Overall its been a crazy week full of anxiety and stress, but I’m looking forward to good things to come. So Good-bye for now guys!!! 
Leeannalyn Marie 
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Updated website

So I updated the web site today. I am sadly a week behind on my DVR review videos so I’m gonna have to start having the date in the opening of the video. Other than that I’ve got two new reviews up. I finished the Illuminae book review, and I have finally written the mockingjay part 2 review . I’m also trying to reteach myself how to code. Which is challenging and frustrating but so much fun.